GRANULAR ICE: This vertical evaporator ice machine produces flaked granular ice at a temperature of -0.5°C using fresh water. The range includes models from 140kg – 600kg / 24 hours.

The ice is already crushed and ready to be used. Ideal for quick cooling of bottles and cocktails and for display or transportation of fish, meat and vegetables. Also suitable for supermarkets, hospitals, bakeries and laboratories.

This kind of ice is ready to use and does not require any crushing and can be used directly onto fish, meat and vegetables.

PLC programmable logic controller to protect the evaporator against any mechanical stress on the evaporator and motor gearbox assembly.

Sub zero flake ice models available

  • Stainless steel shell with rounded corners
  • Vertical evaporator
  • PLC controlled
  • Technical support
  • Split system models available
  • Models from 140kg – 600kg Produces granular ice at -0.5°C
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Ideal for display, service, conservation and transporation of fish, meat and vegetable
  • Water and air cooled
KS140 KS300 KS600
Cooling System Air / Water Cooled Air / Water Cooled Air / Water Cooled
Ice Production in 24 Hours 140 kg 300 kg 600 kg
Bins Usable BIN 150 / 250 BIN 250 / 400 BIN 250 / 400
Voltage Standard 230V – 50Hz 230V – 50Hz 230V – 50Hz
Power Consumption 700 W 1300 W 2000 W
Type of Refrigerant R 452 A R 452 A R 452 A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 566 x 525 x 560 mm 560 x 525 x 560 mm 605 x 570 x 725 mm
Net Weight 55 kg 66 kg 102 kg
Packing Dimensions 597 x 608 x 703 mm 600 x 600 x 710 mm 680 x 680 x 880 mm
Gross Weight 65 kg 72 kg 110 kg