Entirely made of stainless steel, the C series solid ice cube makers from Kastel are a premium product and incorporate all the latest technology to ensure the highest efficiency and a long service life.

The ice is produced by spraying water on a horizontally mounted copper evaporator which freezes and forms high density, crystal clear ice cubes.

Purer than the water from which they are made, solid crystal clear cubes are the best option for all those situations where we need to keep drinks cool for a long period of time without watering them down.

BACK COUNTER MACHINES: These medium sized free standing ice machines can be fitted in most work areas, and are advantageous when a greater amount of ice is needed in a shorter period of time.

The stainless steel construction is built strong for demanding environments and is elegant in design. Ice Machine Solutions’ range of Kastel ice makers are also available with electronic boards or mechanical timers. All models are for ‘tropical use’ where they can produce ice even at room temperatures of 43°C and water temperature of 38°C.

  • Full stainless steel shell and door
  • Electro Mechanical Operation
  • Technical support available
  • Spare parts for most makes and models
  • 18gm full crystal clear hard ice cube
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Energy efficient
  • Stainless steel body and door
Control SystemC60MC80MC100M
Cooling SystemAir / Water CooledAir / Water CooledAir / Water Cooled
Ice Production in 24 Hours60 kg Up to 3529 cubes80 kg Up to 4705 cubes100 kg Up to 5882 cubes
Ice Production per cycle64 cubes64 cubes64 cubes
Storage Capacity40 kg40 kg60 kg
Voltage Standard220-240V – 50Hz220-240V – 50Hz220-240V – 50Hz
Power Consumption780 W1050 W1200 W
Type of RefrigerantR 452 AR 452 AR 452 A
Dimensions (W x D x H)740 x 605 x 915 mm740 x 605 x 915 mm740 x 605 x 1015 mm
Feet*+ 80-150 mm+ 80-150 mm+ 80-150 mm
Net Weight72 kg79 kg82 kg
Packing Dimensions820 x 680 x 1052 mm820 x 680 x 1052 mm820 x 680 x 1150 mm
Gross Weight86 kg88 kg91 kg