KS 140/60

KS 140/60



KS SERIES SELF CONTAINED GRANULAR ICE FLAKE MACHINE: The self contained range of granular flake ice machines produce ice at a temperature of -0.5°C. The ice is already crushed and ready to be used. Ideal for quick refrigeration of bottles and cocktails and for display or transportation of fish, meat and vegetables. Also suitable for supermarkets, hospitals, bakeries and laboratories.

This range of ice makers produces between 100kg and 140kg each 24 hours, with a storage capacity of 15 – 60kg. All models come with stainless steel bodywork and have ice level and water level sensors.

  • Stainless steel shell with rounded corners
  • Vertical evaporator
  • PLC controlled
  • Technical support
  • Granular Ice Flakes
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Models from 100 – 140kg
  • Ideal for display, service, conservation and transportation of fish, meat and vegetables
KS 100/15KS 140/25KS 140/60
Cooling SystemAir / Water CooledAir / Water CooledAir / Water Cooled
Ice Production in 24 Hours100 Kg140Kg140Kg
Storage Capacity15 kg25 kg60 kg
Voltage Standard230 V ~ 50 Hz230 V ~ 50 Hz230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power Consumption700 W700 W700 W
Type of RefrigerantR 452 AR 452 AR 452 A
Dimensions (W x D x H)500 x 670 x 696 mm500 x 670 x 796 mm740 x 700 x 934 mm
Legs40 – 50 mm40 – 50 mm40 – 50 mm
Net Weight58 kg60 kg70 kg
Packing Dimensions580 x 750 x 850 mm580 x 750 x 950 mm810 x 790 x 1072 mm
Gross Weight65,5 kg67,5 kg78 kg